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Voice and SMS Roaming Bundle

75% Discount on Roaming Services

Enjoy an exclusive offer while roaming abroad 

Korek cares of its customers and works hardly to provide whatever service the user can benefit from

Voice and SMS Roaming Bundle offers 3 categories of bundles to the prepaid customer who roams abroad. By subscribing to the bundle, the customer will be able to use the roaming service with great discounted prices

  • 10 minutes & 10 SMS for 10,000 IQD.
  • 15 minutes & 15 SMS for 15,000 IQD.
  • 25 minutes & 25 SMS for 20,000 IQD.

How it works?

You are required to dial *255# then select Global Voice and SMS bundles by pressing 2, select 1 if you would like to subscribe to the first bundle, select 2 if you would like to subscribe to the second bundle, select 3 if you would like to subscribe to the third bundle, or select 0 to return back. Then you need to restart your phone. Once you receive the subscription confirmation message, you’ll be able to utilize the offered free minutes and SMS during a validity period of 10 days

Benefits to customer

  •  Now you can enjoy great discounted prices while roaming in wide coverage around the world. The offered minutes can be used towards any destination whether inside the roaming country, Iraq, and international destinations (except premium destinations), or even to receive calls. You can also consume the offered SMS towards any destination around the world
  • The subscribed value (minutes and messages) should be consumed within a validity period of 10 days where there is no carry over for the unused minutes or messages
  • After consuming the bundle or its expiry, you will be charged with normal roaming prices 


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


For more information, please call our customer care at 411 from inside Iraq or 009647508000411 

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