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Elite Club Members Privileges 


The ‌Korek ‌Elite‌ Club‌ was‌ created‌ for ‌selected ‌customers ‌only‌ and‌ was‌ designed with ‌your lifestyle ‌in ‌mind;‌ it‌  includes‌ a‌ wide‌ range ‌of ‌privileges ‌you‌ can‌ benefit from ‌at‌ any ‌time.

We‌ will ‌continuously ‌work ‌to ‌improve‌ your‌ Experience ‌with ‌Korek,‌ Accordingly we ‌will‌ keep ‌on ‌adding ‌new‌ selective ‌partners ‌to‌ Korek ‌Elite‌ Club ‌so‌ that‌ you‌ can enjoy ‌a‌ wide‌ range‌ of‌ benefits.

Your ‌Privacy‌ Concerns us,‌ all‌ your‌ personal ‌information‌ is ‌safe‌ and ‌secure,‌ and‌ won’t‌‌ be‌ shared under‌ any‌ circumstances.

Please download the voucher for full information about KOREK Elite Club. 

Elite card
The above information and/or prices are subject to change without prior notice