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Dear‌ Korek‌ Elite‌ customer,‌

On‌ behalf‌ of‌ Korek‌ family,‌ I‌ would‌ like‌ to‌ personally‌ thank‌ you‌ for‌ your‌ loyalty‌ and‌ dedication‌ to
our‌ company.

Our‌ growing‌ success‌ is‌ attributed‌ to‌ the‌ partnership‌ that‌ we‌ foster,‌and‌ we‌ truly‌ value‌ your‌ trust
in‌ us.                 

As‌ a‌ token‌ of‌ our‌ appreciation,‌we‌ are‌ pleased‌ to‌ inform‌  you‌ that‌ you‌ have‌ been‌ chosen‌ to‌ be
one‌ of‌ our‌ Korek‌ Elite‌ Club‌ Members

Thank‌ you‌ for‌ your‌ on going‌ support,‌And‌ long‌ may‌ our‌ fruitful‌ relationship‌ continue

Yours‌ sincerely,
Sirwan‌ Mustafa

chairman photo2
The above information and/or prices are subject to change without prior notice